MFA Converter Tool Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully, if you are going to run this script, this means that you read this Agreement and you agreed.

After all these point you will find the code to use it to allow you run the script….

1- Always Make sure that you are using this script in your testing environment before production one, do all tests and see the behaviors.

2- if you choose to change the MFA method using this script, always make sure that the target audience already used before the Target method, for example if you want to change the MFA method to Authenticator app and the users have no devices registered, the next time the user trying to access cloud services it will fail, admin should reset the MFA method for the user as described here to solve the issue:

3- You should have the required permission to change the MFA method like global admin.

4- if you are going to use the option of CSV, please download the template from here and use it, don’t change the header, CSV Sample File V1 (1007 downloads) , after finish editing the file, make sure to change the extension from TXT to CSV.

5- I don’t take any responsibility for the results of this script. I did it based on my best efforts and tests in my lab.

6- This Tool works with Azure MFA cloud only, means that it will change the MFA methods for users who has MFA enabled in Azure or using MFA NPS Extension, it will NOT work with Azure MFA on-premises server.

if you agree on all above points, then you need to enter this code in PowerShell to be able to run it: 951357.



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