Azure MFA on-premise Server 8.x Version – Mobile App Service managed by Azure Back-end Now.

Hello All,

Recently, Azure MFA on-premises server 8.x version was released, in this version we have a very important improvement as below, and most likely we may receive some cases from our customers the design totally changed which may surprise our customers J J, find below notes from my lab:


“Installation of the mobile app web service is not necessary for v8.0 or higher. Complete only the steps under Configure the mobile app”


I tried this in my lab as no additional info in the documents and below are my observations:


  1. The mobile App service will be enabled by default and it’s managed by our back-end, no any additional configurations are required, anyone tried to configure the Mobile APP service in previous version know what a headache that we had J
  2. In the MFA console, there is no option to configure the mobile APP URL as again it’s configured and managed in our backend automatically:

3. In MFA console, if you try manually to generate the code for mobile APP, it will generate a public URL for our back-end and this is why we said it’s managed by MS in the new versions of MFA:


4. If the customer installed the user portal, then by default the user can generate and scan the QR code, and below show the public URL for our back-end also (no additional configurations required):


Ahmad Yasin

Ahmad Yasin (MCSA office 365, MCSE, Messaging, Azure certified)


Ahmad Yasin is a Microsoft Cloud Engineer and the Owner & publisher of AzureDummies blog. He also holds many certificates in office 365 and windows azure including Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions and MCSA office 365.

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  1. Hi Ahmad

    The items above that you are describing is exactly what I swa , when setup a new test MFA 8.x environment.
    We already have a production MFA 7.3 .
    Microsoft said when I upgrade from 7.3 to 8.x , users that are using the Authenticator app
    will need to re-register , is this your experience ?


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