How to reset lockbox Password in RSA Security analytics Step by Step

Amin Khalil (VMware VCP-DCV, VCPC, VTSP, RSA Security Analytics)

Hello RSA Admins,

In this topic we will discuss in details how to reset RSA security analytics Lockbox password, so here we go


Connect to the Log Collector appliance via SSH as the root user.


Change directory to /etc/netwitness/ng/vault/ with the following command: cd /etc/netwitness/ng/vault


Make a new directory to backup the existing lockbox with the following command: mkdir old


Move the existing lockbox files to that directory with the following command: mv -vi lockbox lockbox.FCD lockbox.bak  lockbox.bak.FCD old


Log in to the RSA Security Analytics UI and navigate to Administration -> Services


Select the Log Collector Service and click on View -> Config


Click on the Settings tab.


Leave the “Old Lockbox Password” field blank and enter a new password in the “New Lockbox Password” field.


Finally, Apply.

Please note that all stored passwords for the event sources will need to be re-entered after the new lockbox is created. So before do such a procedure, make sure that you got all the needed passwords 😉


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Amin Khalil (VMware VCP-DCV, VCPC, VTSP, RSA Security Analytics)

Amin Khalil (VMware VCP-DCV, VCPC, VTSP, RSA Security Analytics)

Amin Khalil is a Technology Expert Engineer and publisher at AzureDummies blog. He also hold many certificates in VMWARE, RSA Security, EMC and Dell.
Amin is currently working in Specialized Technical Services Company (STS).

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