Hybrid Configuration Wizard – Stuck at Configuring MRS setting Issue

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Recently i am working in a project to Migrate Exchange 2013 to office 365, The environment include exchange 2013 coexistence with exchange 2007. There is around 20 sites distributed around the world with around 40 exchange servers.

when i tried to configure the Hybrid configuration wizard in exchange 2013 it stuck in the step ” Configuring MRS setting … ” for long time, after waiting around 9 hours it failed, reviewing the Hybrid configuration wizard logs indicate that a time – out happened caused the HCW to fail.

Unfortunately, i didn’t have a snapshot for configuring MRS setting, but it’s appear after below snapshot:



So lets first understand the MRS and its functionality:

The Mailbox Replication Service Proxy (MRS Proxy) facilitates cross-forest mailbox moves and remote move migrations between your on-premises Exchange organization and Exchange Online. In Exchange 2013, MRS Proxy is included in the Mailbox server role (also called the Mailbox server). During cross-forest and remote move migrations, a Client Access server acts as a proxy for incoming move requests for the Mailbox server. The ability of a Client Access server to accept these requests is disabled by default. To allow the Client Access server to accept incoming move requests, you have to enable the MRS Proxy endpoint.

So when the HCW will stuck in Configuring MRS setting and Why ? Also what is the solution.

In large environments, when you have a large number of sites configuring MRS setting will execute the below command:


which usually take a long time since it will check all servers in all sites, and this cause sometimes a time out error leads to failure in HCW.

Now if you try to open the Exchange management shell and try to execute the same command it will take a long time, in my case it took around 10 hours, To speed up the execution of the command Microsoft mention you can add
-AdPropertiesOnly so the command will be:

Get-WebServiceVirtualDirectories -AdPropertiesOnly

But unfortunately you cannot edit the code of HCW to add this parameter, So what is the solution in this case ?!

Simply and since this is the last step before OAuth in HCW you can safely ignore the error and continue the migration process, but if your environment have a requirement to configure the OAuth, you can do it manual following Microsoft article:


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Ahmad Yasin (MCSA office 365, MCSE : Messaging, Azure Certified)

Ahmad Yasin (MCSA office 365, MCSE : Messaging, Azure Certified)

Ahmad Yasin is a Microsoft Cloud Engineer and the publisher of AzureDummies blog. He also hold many certificates in office 365 and windows azure including Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions, Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions and MCSA office 365.

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