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we get back again with new interested topic in Azure and one of the topics that you must understand very well.

Let’s discuss in this article what is the Azure cloud services, and what is the benefits you get from this service.

We will discuss cloud service from infrastructure side not development side.

let’s do a brain storm to understand cloud service, when you think about infrastructure you always thinking about virtual machines, virtual networks, IIS and websites … etc. This is great, when you implement all of these components together in same infrastructure you must think about something which will hold all these components !

As you know azure data centers is distributed among regions across the world. Yes I Know but what this means ! try to keep this sentence always in your mind ” Azure data centers is distributed among the world “

Azure data centers is distributed among the world

so if we combine the two words ” something to hold all resources” and ” Azure data centers distributed among the world ” we can easily conclude that cloud service is something to recognize the resources which needs to work together and hold these resources like a container ! YES, you can simply define the cloud service as a container.

An “Azure Cloud Service” is an example of Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS) and can be thought of as a collection of VMs that are hosted in the Microsoft cloud. These VMs can have software installed on them, and may also be remoted into.

Now a question will raise in your mind, what is the relationship between cloud service and azure data centers geographical locations ! since we defined a cloud service as a container which will hold all infrastructure resources so most of services will not work if it’s not in the same regions, for example if there is an azure data center in West-US and another one in Asia, if you create a virtual network in West US you cannot create the virtual machine in West US, also it’s strongly recommended that all resources including the cloud service to be in the same region.

So in most cases the cloud service and all resources that the cloud service will hold must be in same geographical location.

So the recommendation is first to create the cloud service in specific region then implement all resources in same location.

OK  I created a cloud service then how i can access it !! Always think about cloud service as a resource like a VM for example, so simply each cloud service will have it’s own public URL and virtual IP to access it 🙂

so now let’s see how to create a cloud service then we will continue understanding the components of cloud service.

As usual first of all you must login to windows azure portal by visiting:, after portal loading successfully, from the left pane go to cloud service as shown below:



Now click on (+ New) in the bottom of the portal page:


Choose Compute -> Cloud Service -> Quick Create as below:


After click on quick create new option appear to give a name to the cloud service and to choose in which region to create the cloud service.

The name of the cloud service must be unique among public DNS’s, the format of the URL will be



Just wain a minutes and the cloud service will be ready for use:

Progress bar for creating the cloud service:

When progress bar finish the cloud service will be available in the cloud service page, The page will show some information about the cloud service such as location, URL … etc.



Now let’s create another cloud service using Azure power shell, if you didn’t install azure power shell you can follow Microsoft Article at :

Now run the azure power shell and connect to your subscription, once the connection got successfully you can create the cloud service.

The full syntax for creating cloud service using power shell:
NewAzureService [-ServiceName] <String> [-AffinityGroup] <String> [[-Label] <String>] [[-Description] <String>] [[-ReverseDnsFqdn] <String>] [<CommonParameters>]

Now we will just use some of above parameters to create a simple cloud service , Just provide the name of the cloud service and specify the region to be created as shown below:


The indication of success will be similar to below:

Success Power shell

If you go to portal in cloud service section you must see the cloud service created (second cloud service in the below figure) :

Portal Cloud service

Now if you need to get more information about the cloud service using power shell you can use below command:


from above screenshot you can see many info such as  date created, location … etc.

In Next Articles we will discuss the virtual Networks and Virtual machines, also we will see how to get the virtual IP of the cloud service and how to obtain a static virtual IP address, so stay tuned 🙂


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Ahmad Yasin (MCSA office 365, MCSE : Messaging, Azure Certified)

Ahmad Yasin in a Microsoft Cloud Engineer and the publisher of
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